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Club Awards

Cairns Athletics Records UPDATED 04/02/2018

Club Records

+  Points Awards

Athlete’s Personal Best’s will be recorded, with the athlete earning a point for each improved performance. These points accrue towards prizes awarded throughout the season and the total recorded on an end of season trophy. As well as improved Personal Best points, attendance, event participation, and club records contribute to ‘athlete of the month’ prizes. Therefore it is vital for athletes to have their results recorded for each event including games and relays.

+  LAQ  Achievement Levels (Dual Registered Only)

The LAQ achievement levels are calculated from the averages of performances attained by Little Athletics Queensland over the years. A regular review of the levels is conducted at least every three years. Anyone achieving a Green level, which is within the reach of 100% of children with a little application, has achieved a good level of performance. A Red level represents a very good performance, but still achievable by about 65% of children. A Blue level represents an excellent performance achievable by about 20% of little athletes. Levels for each age group and all events are detailed on the pink (Girls) or blue (Boys) Achievement Cards.

To receive a McDonald’s Achievement Award Certificate, an athlete must reach the relevant level in all events applicable to their age group in three event groups. For example an U13 athlete would be awarded a Green level certificate if they were to equal or better the Green level times and distances in (1) Hurdles: 60m Hurdles and 200m Hurdles, (2) Sprints: 70m, 100m and 200m and in (3) Throws: Discus, Javelin and Shot Put. Any event group combination can be used to meet the criteria, as long as the levels in three event groups are attained.

The maximum number of certificates an athlete can receive each season is three: One Green Level, One Red Level and One Blue Level.

In 2015 athletes will be responsible for monitoring their own achievement levels. When they believe they have reached a level, they should present their Achievement Card to the Recorder for verification and issue of appropraite McDonald’s Achievement Award Certificate.








Carnival Results

Application For Record UPDATED 18/08/2014

+  Cairns Athletics Club Records

To assist with updating of records, if you or your child breaks a record outside of our Club at a recognised meet/carnival, please complete an “Application for Record” form found on the club website under the heading of “Records and Results”. Please hand the completed form to the Secretary at the Registration Desk.  The application is then considered for ratification at the next committee meeting.  This application must have a print out of the event results attached (referencing a website for results will not be accepted).  Failure to do so will result in the application not being considered.


09/03/2018 Club Day #01 (Cancelled)

16/03/2018 Club Day #02

23/03/2018 Club Day #03 & PB’s

15/04/2018 Club Day #04 & PB’s

20/04/2018 Club Day #05 & PB’s

27/04/2018 Club Day #06 & PB’s

11/05/2018 Club Day #07 & PB’s

25/05/2018 Club Day #08 & PB’s

01/06/2018 Club Day #09 & PB’s

15/06/2018 Club Day #10 & PB’s

01/07/2018 Inter Club Day #11 & PB’s

15/07/2018 Community Nitro

22/07/2018 Club Day #12 & PB’s

29/07/2018 Inter Club Day #13 & PB’s

03/08/2018 Club Day #14 & PB’s

17/08/2018 Club Day #15 & PB’s

24/08/2018 Club Day #16 & PB’s

31/08/2018 Club Day #17 & PB’s

07/09/2018 Club Day #18 & PB’s

14/09/2018 Club Day #19 & PB’s

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